Should Boys Spy on Girlfriends to Catch Cheating In Relationship

When you are in relationship, problem often comes about trust. Possessiveness or should I call it over-possessiveness of one of the partner could really hurt the relations and sometimes lead to breakup. With the advent of Smartphones and spying technology, it is easy to spy.

Boys, being generally somewhat more tech-savvy like to spy on their girlfriends to know whom they are talking, what they are texting and where they are roaming. Sometimes just out of curiosity or sometimes just to test their partner. But should they be doing this? Is it right to invade someone's privacy, say maybe your relationship partner?

Smartphone technology is a boon for such doubting partners and fall prey to these tactics involving spying. They no more need to hire Detectives to find being cheated in Relationship. Now, if the person you suspect uses a smartphone is an Android or iPhone, you can have several applications to spy on their activities and record to catch then red-handed.

Talking about the positive side, you will get to know the truth about your partner. If she is really seeing someone else while being in relationship with you then it's time to move on and stop wasting your time.
But on another side, doubting can prove to be bad or even worse. If your partner is found to be clean and it was only you who doubted her character, it will be a question of her dignity. You will only feel guilty about your suspicious(ness). Also, if she gets to know that you installed a mobile spying software on her smartphone, it might end relationship.

iPhone Spying Software are so hideous that the victim won't come to know that they are under surveillance but rare chances can lead the matter worse. Most of the leading spying apps for iPhone offers an easy to use dashboard with every minute details about the user activity. Not just call logs and SMS, it tracks browser history, Emails and lot more including personal Photos and Videos.

As a bottomline, I would recommend not to take an extreme step of spying. As it is said in English- "Before ASSUMING, try this crazy thing called ASKING". Yes, it would be better if you talk about it with your partner before coming out to any conclusion or trying some cheap mobile spying app.

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